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Our Vision & Mission

We strive to become the UK's printer cartridge recycling leader. By building on our heritage, experience and contacts within our industry, we aim to provide a free nationwide recycling solution that is, innovative and tailored to the benefit of our customer but is the envy of our competitors.


Our Values

Our Logo was designed in house, it's a spin on the well-known word "RECYCLING" and represents some of our most values being.

R: Relationships 

Our relationships are the most important thing to us, essentially without our suppliers, customers and third party links we wouldn't exist or be able to be innovative. We work with some of the current industry leaders in recycling, shipping, design and social media management.

E: Earth 

This is why we exist, we care about Earth. Our founder wanted to recycle a cartridge that our current industry leaders weren't able to recycle because it was considered "Low Value" this should never be the case and we change that. We also commit to planting one tree for every 500 printer cartridges you recycle with us.

C: Commitment

We are committed to providing you with a user-friendly, incentivised and innovative recycling solution that simultaneously benefits our environment. We also commit to helping you recycle those "Low Value" cartridges.

Y: You

We listen to you and what would make recycling easier, we also help you fundraise and give back to our environment. If it wasn't for you then we wouldn't exist.

C: Care

We help you discharge your duty of care to the environment by helping you recycle. Particularly for businesses, you don't need to use the expensive companies to get rid of your WEEE Waste, you can use us for free. We ensure a ZERO to Landfill including all postage materials, clips, waste ink.


We are your LINK to the printer cartridge recycling world, it's free, innovative, allows you to return and earn and we'll help you give back to the planet by planting trees too.